Various Vector Art Layouts


The Need for Vector Art

The need for vector art becomes apparent when creating digital layouts with conventional artwork resources. The ASSE logo was redrawn as vector art for use in modern processes. Companies and organizations that have been in business for many years often have neither access to original artwork used for logos, nor even to the original artist that created them. After many years, the original creator may be retired or deceased. Vector art and new layouts can be made from existing letterhead, business cards, envelopes, or any other printed material. The term “vector art” refers to a digitally created drawing or illustration that, unlike a digital photo or scan, scales up or down without loss of quality. This type of artwork is often required for printing on gift items as well as on paper, as in collateral materials. Resurrecting vintage logos for anniversary commemorations has become quite popular.

Sales Award Art

The Monaco Casino was drawn using several photographs as reference. A highly precise and detailed vector drawing was needed to etch the drawing onto the crystal tray pictured. The tray was part of a sales award, along with a trip to Monaco. See the Technical Art section for more on this illustration.

Woven Afghan Art

As noted above, items such as afghans and other soft goods are created to commemorate anniversaries and other milestones or special events. Logos, plant locations, years of service, and address and phone number, made into 2-, 3-, or 4-color simple designs, or even full color images, can be worked into the weave of afghans, or embroidered, as well as printed on pillows, duffels, and other soft goods.

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