Ostrich Brochure


This six-panel brochure playfully illustrates why it is prudent to order jet air-intake assemblies as a whole, made to fit together with tolerances intact, instead of piece by piece. The viewer is guided along a path to obtaining better quotations and receiving precision products.

The ostrich theme was used to drive home the don’t bury your head in the sand notion in relation to being informed about the product and staying up to date. This brochure is mailed in a similarly themed envelope with color artwork.

The cartoon-style illustrations include a box for thinking outside of, a shiny happy factory and a broken down factory (that didn’t keep up with the times), an egg and eggs in a nest for their perfect packaging, and last but not least, a four-legged stool and its not-so-stable counterpart, the three legged stool.

All illustrations were drawn in Illustrator and rendered in Photoshop.

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