This type illustration was part of an Advanced Photoshop student assignment. I wanted to create a project that stresses quick illustration techniques, especially loading, adding, and subtracting selections using paths. The type was created in Illustrator and pasted as paths in Photoshop to facilitate expedient, yet accurate, masking for illustration.

Golden Organica Type

The type was created and beveled in Illustrator, and then rendered in Photoshop. The Illustrator paths were used for the masking in the Photoshop rendering. This artwork was part of a larger piece that is featured in our Photo Illustration section.

L W Wallace Logo Type

This illustration of the previous L W Wallace Company logo was created as part of a promotional piece for the company. The lettering was drawn in Illustrator and rendered in Photoshop. Again, the vector paths made for precise masking in the rendering process.

Copper Navigational Buttons

These polished copper navigational graphics were created for a pre-Kai (Kai’s PowerShow), pre-Flash interactive piece. The large button was the base illustration, over which characters or symbols were embossed. This piece was also pre-Layer Styles in Photoshop. Canned effects don’t do everything!

Several interactive portfolios would follow, but these buttons will always stand out.

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