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The corporate t-shirt arts are samples of art created for screen printing. T-shirts are often made to mark an event, convention, picnic, company achievement, or as part of a marketing campaign.

The roller coaster illustration is 4-color art intended for dye-sublimation printing, and was created to be used as both t-shirt and novelty art for a coaster enthusiast website. The artwork was required to look like a sketchy cartoon with soft color added. The drawing was created conventionally and then scanned and rendered in Photoshop. Also see the Illustration section.

In addition to imprint on mouse pads, the 8-ball art was also used for a button. Mouse pads are a nice thing to give to customers; it keeps your company name in front of them. Some companies use them in their own offices as well; they look good when visitors come to call. Even though most computer mice today do not require mouse pads, logoed mouse pads are a nice way to brand your workstations.

All sorts of artwork can be created for mouse pads: illustrations, photos, logos and information, etc. There are often special artwork considerations when printing on these types of materials, which is why art prep is best left to a professional designer.

The plate pictured here (Cleveland Foodbank) was created for an award to various corporate contributors. The artwork was fused onto as many plates as needed, then each name was added individually. This piece was intended as an award only and is not food safe.

The cookie tin lid is actually a gold hot stamp on a red lid. This company’s plant locations are set in a curved fashion onto the ribbons in the artwork.

Many of these items required illustration work as well as typesetting and layout.

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