Juicer Website Header


This header redo was part of a redesign of a marketing website for Juicers and Juicing. The existing site used an Artisteer generated theme that had a very simple navigation and was severely limited in regards to organization. This marketing site was monetized with Amazon affiliate posts and Google AdSense links, but it also needed article content without haphazardly mixing content types.

The retouching sample here is of the site’s header graphic. The before sample simply read “Best Juicers” set in a bland sans serif font. The color scheme makes sense and the fruit and juicer arrangement is okay, but that atrocious type ruins everything.

The website was undergoing some expansion and the header needed to quickly express the benefits of the content within. On top of that, a new, responsive theme would be used that would facilitate better organization and usability, so the size and proportion of the header needed to be changed as well. The type was retouched out as some elements were being kept, but the original images were not available, so those were stretched slightly. This would be far less noticeable with new type.

After that awful type was removed, the juice drop was lifted (retouched) to appear to be dripping over the lighter panel. Another slightly darker drop was added to replace the existing one (by the B in Best) so as not to look so much like a bubble.

Leawood was used for the new title and a type style was created for a juicy look. A tag line added a reference to the expanded site content. A frame was added to the header to give it a more raised look, while keeping the juice drop and strawberry above the frame to give the impression that these elements were “bursting out” of the frame.

Juicer Website Overhaul

In the lower image we see the before and after versions of the site as well. The color scheme was expanded and brightened and a pale green background color was added. A three column layout with better navigation organizes content better. Post thumbnails were created to balance out the the leaves in the upper left corner and punch up the color scheme. Those awful orange boxes with black type were replaced with scarlet headings that match the page frame.

Marketing sites thrive with good search engine optimization and rely very little on appearance, but a poor design and careless organization will make users uneasy. And then they will promptly leave.

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