Although this image, taken at Geneva-on-the-Lake on Ohio’s eastern Lake Erie shore, was not used in a professional capacity, the temptation to retouch it and display it here proved too much to resist. This photograph was simply a turn-around-and-snap-it kind of thing, with no plan at all.

All of the telephone and electrical wires have been removed, along with the underdressed homeowner, the people on the porch, and the motorcycle parked on the porch (just left of the half naked man). The house and greenery were restored behind them.

The moving car on the road at left was removed and the fence and greenery restored. There was only a tiny piece of fencing area with lake behind it, rather than foliage behind, from which to build the fence. The red gas can next to the trailer was also removed, revealing a tiny bit more of the lake.

The parked car at left was removed and the soft shadows were added to the pavement. Numerous veins of asphalt patch have been removed from the pavement as well, even some behind the motorcycles in the foreground (through openings in them). Even the edge of the grass in the foreground has been straightened.

A midtone adjustment and sharpening complete this image. In addition, a second retouched version is offered with the complete removal of the house, lake view restored, and the horizon straightened.

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