There is a mixture of renderings here, all of which have either appeared on merchandise or for sale as posters or wrapped canvas.

The top image is a pair of daffodils, drawn in Illustrator and rendered in Photoshop. The background behind the pair of flowers on the right is a photo collage created to balance the stylized look of the greenery with the more lifelike appearance of the blooms. On the cinema display at left, is a single bloom with a red-violet background.

The image below shows a different type of rendering. This daffodil drawing is the same as the one above, but this rendering is vector-based. The rendered daffodil in the lower image, both hanging and on the MacBook Air screen is built with gradient mesh objects in Illustrator. This one is not meant to be as lifelike; this bloom is a bit more stylized.

To the right in the lower image is a mini rose, also drawn and rendered in Illustrator using gradient mesh objects. The meshes are selected to show the framework of the shading. Shading with gradient mesh can produce a depth that rivals that of masking and rendering in Photoshop, but texture is needed to complete the effect in some cases.

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