Corporate Art


Wise, Chelsea & Greece

Two of these artwork samples were used at several sizes for several items. The third was used to produce custom printed bag tags and ticket wallets for a sales award trip to Greece. These are but a few samples.

Bookend, PostIt® & Page Clip

These artwork samples were used for a set of bookends, PostIt® notes (which can also be printed on the sides of the cube), and a metal page clip.

Wrap Around Art for Mugs

These artwork samples do exactly as titled; they wrap around the mug for front and back artwork or for a continuous design reaching around the mug. Simple type with art or photographs may be used. The top example, depicting the Frank Gehry designed Peter B Lewis building at Case Western Reserve University, had an inside design and an outside design (both on the outside of the mug). The “outside” artwork was printed on a clear outer shell, providing a three-dimensional look.

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