Cleveland Innerbelt Study


This is a set of three detailed spot illustrations, one of which was to be simplified for a logo for the Cleveland Innerbelt Study. This study was conducted before the current bridge was built.

The illustration work you see here was guided by three supplied sketches. The client was not sure which way they wanted to go and needed the illustrations built to further the process, so the understanding was that after these three were created, any combination of elements may be altered and used for the logo. I specialize in illustration and layout, but not branding, although I have done some of that type of work when also working on larger publications. It is not something I tend to bring in individually. This work order was for three illustrations, based on the client’s sketched ideas.

We had three versions for these spot illustrations: Innerbelt Bridge, Innerbelt Road, and Innerbelt Globe. Ultimately, Innerbelt Road was favored. Logos often have to be reduced to the size of a dime, so simplicity is very important. A logo is a symbol. When a logo becomes too complicated, it becomes a spot illustration.

Below this description, you can see what the logo eventually became. And it has morphed even further, as is shown on the Ohio Department of Transportation website.

Below, we see the final simplified logo that was created from the Innerbelt Road illustration, after my work was done creating the spot illustrations.


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