57 Chevy


This illustration is nearly as much of a vintage model as the car itself. The drawing and rendering were done in Photoshop from several black and white reference photos. The photos had a lot of tree reflection in the hood and chrome, but this rendering was kept to just shiny chrome and paint reflections so that the car could be shown anywhere.

57 Chevy was created in Photoshop 2.0. You read that right. Not CS2, but 2.0! That was back when the tools in Photoshop had “tolerances” that only provided a range of capability with which to experiment. In addition, there were no layers, no channel compression, and for the original rendering, no color. It was created in grayscale mode, at 72ppi, to keep the file size down due to storage considerations. (circa 1993)

Since then, the car has been lifted from its background and has enjoyed several different backgrounds over the years. This latest background is a recent photo collage, but the Chevy is all vintage digital illustration.

Three photos were used for the background collage. See our Photo Illustration section for more collage work.

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