Laboratory Glass


These illustrations are a representative of some glass pieces illustrated for a product catalog and corresponding web site. For most, basic drawings were drawn based on small photographs to get the basic shape of each vessel.

The tubing and rods were started as basic mechanical drawings. Each drawing was drawn and converted into a white outline in Illustrator. Then the shapes and reflections were rendered in Photoshop. Like glass, each illustration was transparent to some extent and the items were grouped accordingly for the layout of the catalog.

The transparency of these items allowed for versatility in creating ads and product sheets, as well as placing them against numerous backgrounds in many different groupings. The possibilities proved to be all but endless.

Plastic Bottle & Package

The plastic water bottle illustration below was the one of two bottle illustrations for packaging for a new drink mix. The style shown here was the original style chosen for the illustration, which was based on the clear laboratory glass illustrations. This type of illustration works best on a dark background.

The simple foil package illustration pictured was also created for use on packaging for the drink mix. It was intended to be a base for various label overlays for different flavors, so it had to be shiny and foil-like, but not too shiny, so as not to upstage the labeling.

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